Rejsebeskrivelse Dykkerferie Egypten 2019 - Seven Seas - Liveaboard.

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Rejsebeskrivelse Dykkerferie Egypten 2019 - Seven Seas - Liveaboard.

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Tid Valuta Vejr
Søndag 13. oktober
Flight:MS 760 (Link til flight rader)
Operated by:Egypt Air
Departing from:Copenhagen 13. okt. 2019, 15:45
Arriving at:Cairo 13. okt. 2019, 20:10
Flying duration:4 hrs 25 mins
Aircraft type:Airbus A320-100/200

Søndag 13. oktober
Tjekin Hotel i Cairo

Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza

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Mandag 14.
Tirsdag 15.
Diverse i Cairo

Besøg Giza pyramiderne
Giza plateauet
Metro M2 fra Saddat mod El-Mounib - 1 billet pr. Vej - Af på El-Giza - Taxi til Giza pyramide.
How to get there - 1
How to get there - 2

Khan Al Khalili marked
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Citadel bydelen

Cairo metrosystem

Guide til Cairo

Tirsdag 15. oktober
Transfere til Luxor
Flight:MS 359 (Link til flight rader)
Operated by:Egypt Air
Departing from:Cairo 15. okt. 2019, 16:40
Arriving at:Luxor 17. okt. 2019, 17:50
Flying duration:1 hrs 10 mins
Aircraft type: Smalt jetfly · Embraer 170

Onsdag 16.
Tjekin i Luxor

Hilton Luxor Resort & Spa

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Onsdag 16.
Besøg i Kongernes dal

Guide til Luxor

Torsdag 17.
Transfere til Port Ghalib

Fra Luxor kl. 14.00 til Port Ghalib

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Torsdag 17.
Tjekin Liveaboard

Påmønstring i Port Ghalib eftermiddag

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Torsdag 17.
Torsdag 24.

Day 1

  • Check-in in the afternoon
  • No diving on the first day

Day 2 - 6

  • 2 - 3 dives per day, including Night Dive where possible
  • Brother Islands
    The Brother Islands (Arabic: El Achawein – The Brothers) are small islands built by tectonic activity in the middle of the Red Sea, far from the routes of the day boats. The “Big Brother” is equipped with a lighthouse. Underwater, the brothers are among the best the Red Sea has to offer. The wrecks of Numidia and Aida in the north are covered with dense soft corals, in the blue water sharks or large tuna fish often swim by. Loading of the wrecks is scattered everywhere.

    But the Brothers are more famous for their shark populations. Gray reef sharks, Oceanic White Tip sharks, Thresher sharks, Hammerhead sharks or Silky sharks. A good place for Thresher sharks is the southern plateau in the morning, where they regularly visit the cleaning station. The “Little Brother” is almost more beautifully overgrown and covered with colorful soft corals. A cleaning station on the northern tip also attracts sharks of all kinds.

  • Daedalus Reef
    Abu Kizan, so the Egyptian name is a large, almost circular reef, about 200 nautical miles south of the Brother Islands. Although it has no actual land, a lighthouse was built on the reef to warn the ships of the nearby shipping route.

    Daedalus is large and beautifully covered with hard and soft corals. The dive groups are scattered along the reef, keeping another group further away. A long plateau in the south of the reef has already enabled the other Manta encounter.

    The highlight of the Daedalus is the resident Hammerhead shark school, which is mostly located in the north of the reef. Also, individual hammerhead sharks have regularly sighted in the blue around the reef. Also Thresher sharks, Oceanic Whitetips, gray reef sharks, silky sharks and occasionally a tiger shark.

  • Elphinstone
    One of the most famous reefs of Egypt is the Elphinstone Reef, which is located near Marsa Alam, which is approached on many tours on the first or last day.

    A long reef with a plateau on the north and south side. Both plateaus are wonderful to dive and the whole reef is characterized by soft coral growth in every imaginable color. The long Norplateau cannot always be dived due to excessive currents but offers unforgettable moments when one glances over the top, hovering in the blue to see a shark.

    All kinds of sharks have been seen on Elphinstone! The southern plateau is directly below the most common anchorage and can be easily dived from the boat. There are often also turtles and the usual colorful reef dwellers.

Day 7

  • 1 or 2 dives
  • Cruise back to the port

Day 8

  • Check-out in the morning after breakfast

Please note that the itineraries are examples only, We reserve the right to change the itinerary or specific agreed services, if force majeure, unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances require us to do so.

The last dive will be on the penultimate day of the trip. Divers are recommended to wait for 24hours before flying after the last dive


Torsdag 24. oktober
Flight:QS 1223 (Link til flight rader)
Operated by:SmartWings
Departing from:Marsa Alam 24. okt. 2019, 6:30
Arriving at:Prag 24. okt. 2019, 11:10
Flying duration:4 hrs 40 mins
Aircraft type: SmartWings 1223 · Smalt jetfly · Boeing 737-800 Passenger/BBJ2 (winglets)
Stop over2 hrs 55 mins
Flight:SK 768 (Link til flight rader)
Operated by:SAS
Departing from:Prag 24. okt. 2019, 14:05
Arriving at:Copenhagen 24. okt. 2019, 15:20
Flying duration:1 hrs 15 mins
Aircraft type: SAS 768 · Smalt jetfly · Airbus A319